A Few Words from Jo Polley, our PETROLHEAD Perfume Ambassador

As a  female racing driver, I compete in a very male dominated sport but this makes me all the more determined to just be myself.

Yes I race against men and I beat them as that is always my priority, but I still want to look and smell nice…why shouldn’t I? In today’s world you can be who and what you want if you are determined enough to make it happen.

When I met BYKATHRYN founder Katie we hit it off straight away as we have so much in common. We share a similar mind-set, attitude and values.

From the first time I wore the PETROLHEAD perfume I loved it and it is an absolute pleasure for me to represent the brand. I wear PETROLHEAD most days as it makes me feel good and I always receive compliments that I smell nice.

The description of the ideal PETROLHEAD scent wearer could have been written about me as it sums me up so well:

‘You are high octane and seek adrenaline, excitement and glamour. You know your own mind and don’t abide by stereotypes. You push boundaries and set no limits. You are fearless. You don’t take life too seriously and you have a great sense of humour. And above all, you write your own rules.’

I have adopted the #writeyourownrules for my racing and it sits proudly on my helmet visor.

I like the fact that my headline sponsor is a female brand, it sends out a great message that it’s not just the female drivers and engineers who are changing the way motorsport thinks and works. I hope it paves the way for more female brands to get involved.

Watch a clip of Jo racing at Silverstone HERE

Jo Polley, Racing Driver and PETROLHEAD Ambassador, Competing in the Mini 7 Racing Championships, 2019

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