A New Team On The Grid

I have always loved perfume. A few years back when life was being particularly challenging, I did a bit of soul searching. I say I believe in the mantra “you only live once” so I thought to myself, if you really believe that DO something about it! Then and there I decided I wanted to design a perfume and perfume brand. Some may say a midlife crisis, I say living life, taking risks and asking WHY NOT. So at last, and after many a time asking, Am I Mad?? I am finally very excited to say this madness has come to fruition and the result is I can introduce my new brand BYKATHRYN and our very first perfume, PETROLHEAD. My new year’s resolution for 2017 was “make it count” and for me by launching PETROLHEAD I am making it count. Bucket list you are one idea shorter!

Katie Forman, September 2017

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