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This Tidy Life Reviews PETROLHEAD Perfume Heading Into Autumn

A big thank you to Antonia and This Tidy Life for her Instagram review of our PETROLHEAD perfume. We love her review and the Heading into Autumn giveaway. She says: “Petrolhead is all about living life by your own rules, feeling fearless and empowered!” Spot on! Having tried the perfume herself she goes on to […]

Bianca’s Beauty Blog reviews PETROLHEAD perfume and the BYKATHRYN brand

This months seems to be our “in the media month”! A big thank you to Bianca’s Beauty Blog for her comprehensive review of PETROLHEAD perfume and BYKATHRYN . She breaks down her review into headings such as packaging, longevity, value for money as well as scent and application. Although usually preferring a more floral scent […]

PETROLHEAD perfume in SLOAN! magazine – out now

We are very excited to have PETROLHEAD perfume showcased this month in the “Beauty Skin Deep” section of  issue no.20 of the glossy SLOAN! Magazine.  You will find it on page 53 alongside other cool and on trend brands! Sloan Sheridan Williams is a celebrity life coach specialising in empowerment, well being and relationships. She […]

A Few Words from Jo Polley, our PETROLHEAD Perfume Ambassador

As a  female racing driver, I compete in a very male dominated sport but this makes me all the more determined to just be myself. Yes I race against men and I beat them as that is always my priority, but I still want to look and smell nice…why shouldn’t I? In today’s world you can be who and […]