Bianca’s Beauty Blog reviews PETROLHEAD perfume and the BYKATHRYN brand

This months seems to be our “in the media month”!

A big thank you to Bianca’s Beauty Blog for her comprehensive review of PETROLHEAD perfume and BYKATHRYN . She breaks down her review into headings such as packaging, longevity, value for money as well as scent and application.

Although usually preferring a more floral scent Bianca appreciates PETROLHEAD’s strength and vitality and what it stands for. She says:

“definitely great for making a unique first impression and without doubt living up to the product description: fearless, bold, vivacious and modern”

We especially liked her summary at the end:

“In short, BYKATHRYN is definitely a brand worthy of your time and money – especially as there are options available for every budget”

Bianca’s started her blog in 2007  “partly out of boredom and partly out of obsession for beauty products” . Bianca does insightful and candid in depth reviews of beauty products she has personally tested.

To read the whole article and see more of her work you can read the blog by clicking the icon below :



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