Katie Forman

Katie Forman – Founder

My Story

I have been many things in my life: an international event rider, a groundsman for a tree surgeon, a business woman, an avid F1 fan, and follower. Throughout all these different incarnations, I have worn perfume; the backdrop to different chapters in my life.

This love of perfume inspired me to design my own. Soon it grew into a desire to create a fragrance brand; a brand that real people can identify with. Some things just cannot be ignored.

And so BYKATHRYN was born and with it, our first flagship perfume, PETROLHEAD.

Perfume is the perfect place to start this journey. Our sense of smell is the most evocative, fast-tracking us to our memories and emotions.

Scent is my inspiration in a bottle.

The brand

I wanted to find collaborators and contributors who inspire me and are fun to work with, who would help me deliver my vision which in turn would inspire our customers.

The concept behind BYKATHRYN is to create a collegiate brand made up of a group of contributors, ambassadors and suppliers brought together to create a collection we can all be proud of.

And I am proud to introduce the core team here, without whom I would not have left the starting blocks.

A big thank you to all.