Katie Forman

Katie Forman – Founder

My Story

I have been many things in my life: an international event rider, a groundsman for a tree surgeon, a business woman, an avid F1 fan and follower. Throughout all these different incarnations, I have worn perfume; the backdrop to different chapters in my life.

This love of perfume inspired me to design my own. Soon it grew into a desire to create a fragrance brand; a brand that real people can identify with. Some things just cannot be ignored.

And so BYKATHRYN was born. It seemed fitting to use only my first name, no surname required, as the idea originated from my own personal journey. As the brand was established so too was our first flagship perfume, PETROLHEAD. Hot on PETROLHEAD’s heals came our second perfume, PADSTOW ROCKS and the stage was set.

I wanted to break the mould of traditional perfume brands by aligning my fragrances to a vibe and an attitude, as opposed to the norm of aligning with fashion and celebrity, or with day and night. As a former sportswoman myself, I have a vision to take these vibes and support women in sport that are aligned to the brand and fragrances. I believe as well as more support for women in sport there needs to be more products aimed at the rapidly growing demographic of female sporting fans. I for one love F1 but don’t just want to buy a team cap and poloshirt!

Our sense of smell is the most evocative, fast-tracking us to our memories and emotions. I wanted to encourage women to wear scent as they go about their lives, pushing boundaries and having adventures; to match our perfumes with their vibe. The “scent track” to life.

Scent is my life inspiration in a bottle. I hope it becomes yours too.