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Get Out Of Town with PADSTOW ROCKS. A 20% strength, quality perfume.Fresh and fragrant, invigorated by the cool sea air, warmed with the woody notes from sheltered coves.Also included one of our NEW printed PETROLHEAD perfume cards. Try it!


Elegant and classic, BYKATHRYN reed diffusers are infused with our own perfume oils providing a subtle way to scent your home.Available in: PADSTOW ROCKS (gold top) or PETROLHEAD (silver top) scents.

Price reduction!

Match your perfume and hand sanitserSet includes 1 x 15ml Perfume and 1 x 50ml Hand Sanitiser with carabiner clipYour choice of either citrus and spicy PETROLHEAD or fresh and coastal PADSTOW ROCKS.


Perfect for keeping your valuables together: ipads, passport, valuables, keys, tickets. 


Reduce plastic use. Try our outsized bottle of hand sanitiser to ensure you never run out. You can refill the smaller bottles you may have bought from us and save on plastic!Goodbye gloopy gels, hello gorgeous smelling hands.Contains 70% alcohol


PETROLHEAD meets PADSTOW ROCKS! Small but the real deal.Includes 2ml perfume spray of both PETROLHEAD and PADSTOW ROCKS in an eye catching BYKATHRYN gift box, including a white gauze travel bag.


This elegant, electric wax melt burner lights up to showcase a sweet dragonfly pattern and is compatible with our scented Wax Melts.A lovely way to use the Melts and diffuse our fragrances without a naked flame. Provides ambient lighting.


White ceramic dragonfly cut out oil and wax melt burner with an unglazed finish. This item can be used with our Wax Melts to create a wonderful ambience. Use with an unscented tea light to allow the full delight of our fragrances to shine!1 x unscented tea light included.


Printed 6oz hip flask with funnel: contents your choice!

Price reduction!

We wanted to make hand sanitisers a deluxe experience rather than just a 2020 necessity.Infused with PADSTOW ROCKS perfume; our sanitising spray leaves your hands  smelling amazing and feeling silky after each use. Goodbye gloopy gels.Why not take it back to work with you and leave the bottle on your desk. Smell good and sanitise. We believe you can do both!Contains 70% alcohol


A fantastic way to try out our perfumes for yourself.PETROLHEAD meets PADSTOW ROCKS. Small but the real deal. Smell good on the go.Includes a 2ml perfume spray of both PETROLHEAD and PADSTOW ROCKS in a white gauze travel bag,


Scented wax melts - the alternative to candles. Sold in a pack of 6Our perfume oils are released gently as the wax melts softly diffusing into the atmosphere for a luxurious backdrop to your environment, whether you are working or relaxing.Choice of PADSTOW ROCKS or PETROLHEADWax Melt Burners available - sold separately