Smelly Trainers No More

Let’s get down and dirty and talk smelly trainers! And a new unexpected use for our Perfume Sachets!

Being a keen runner my trainers are used a lot and although I wear clean socks every time and wash the trainers in the washing machine from time to time, they continue to have that less than pleasant used trainer smell!! Especially when I have been running in the rain or through wet grass and mud.

One day on a whim I put some Padstow Rocks perfume sachets in them thinking that might make a small difference – well, what a revelation…No more smelly trainers!

Not only do they now smell of the lovely ozonic and fresh Padstow Rocks when I go to put them on but they no longer smell when I take them off. Our sachets are made of paper and naturally occurring vermiculite which is infused with our perfumes. Both are absorbent so perhaps that works for absorbing the odours as well. The sachets continue to smell of perfume and the trainers are neutralised.

Who knew! Not just pretty sachets! And yes I need to buy new trainers. They are past the end of their useful life.

Let me know if you have the same experience….


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