I have been many things in my life: an international event rider, a groundsman for a tree surgeon, a business woman, an avid F1 fan and follower. Throughout all these different incarnations, I have worn perfume; the backdrop to different chapters in my life.

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Laura Feasey
Words guru

Laura is a published writer, blogger and soon to be author. After graduating from the London College of Fashion she began working in film and television, only to discover that her true passion was always with her first love, writing.


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Lydia Berman
Design guru

Lydia is a designer with years of experience working with large and small brands on projects covering branding, creative direction, photography and websites.

John Stephen
Perfumer & Guru

John Stephen is the perfumer and owner of The Cotswold Perfumery Ltd. He has over 40 years experience as a creative perfumer and is the "nose" behind many fine fragrances in the niche market.

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Charities we support
Supporting the community

It is important to us to have fun and to try and make a difference. Our founder aims to align the spirit of each collection with an inspirational charity.

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