Top Tips for Storing Perfume

Perfume is a lovely but delicate thing; more than a blend of ingredients, it is alchemy.

Light, heat and air can all have a negative impact on your perfume so it is important to store it with care in order to keep it at it’s maximum performance. Here are 3 easy tips to help you:

  1. Keep your perfume in the dark. Over exposure to light can cause perfume to degrade.
  2. Where possible keep your perfume at a constant temperature. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can also cause degradation.
  3. Keep the lid on the bottle when you are not using it to reduce potential oxidation by exposure to air.

With all this in mind BYKATHRYN has designed the perfume boxes to be colourful, travel sized and strong so you can keep the perfume in the box and take it with you.

We want you to enjoy your perfume at all times!

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